Photos from the Operas come from the Bad Wildbad Festival and are used courtesy of Jochen Schönleber.

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Karmnik restaurant was opened in an unusual and legendary place, celebrated by poets and bards. Na Stawach square, in the heart of Zwierzyniec district, is not only a marketplace where you can do shopping but also a meeting point for its residents. Here, finally, Lajkonik, the symbol and living legend of our city, begins its march through Krakow every year. Such a location has obliged us to became the part of its history, creating there a place with tasty cuisine, a nice interior and friendly atmosphere. Karmnik is a family enterprise in every respect, which means that the restaurant is family owned and served as well as all the dishes are prepared according to the home recipes and methods. We prefer Polish cuisine but we also offer other regional or self-invented dishes. Every day we prepare them out of fresh products trying to introduce something new to the menu to make it varied.




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Main Partner - Małopolska Voivodship

The local government of the Małopolska voivodship is responsible for public tasks in the field of culture, supporting the activity of non-governmental organizations and entities conducting public benefit activities in the Małopolska region. The voivodship supports particularly those projects that enable cultural participants to consciously read symbols, tropes and myths and allow them to draw on cultural heritage resources, bearing in mind that communing with art and culture shapes sensitivity and openness to various forms of artistic expression and, more broadly, to various ideas and views; teaches tolerance, breaks stereotypes, develops creativity and finally, it is the foundation of personal development.